How to Stay Inspired in an Online Course

A wide range of students enjoy taking online courses. Working adults are able to balance their coursework with family and career commitments through online career training programs. Furthermore, students with different learning styles are able to create their own routines and have more control over the courses they take. The convenience of online learning has continued to pave career paths for many adults leading busy lives, but sometimes the flexibility can make it difficult for students who lack time management skills. Finding ways to stay inspired is key to success. Hopefully these ideas will keep you motivated for the long haul!

Review Your Goals

Write down your personal goals before starting the course and visit them regularly. This will help you remember why you are taking the course in the first place, whether that’s because you are passionate about the subject, want to be a great role model for your family, are interested in learning a new skill, or are trying to advance in your career.

Discuss What You Learn

Talk about your course with an interested relative or friend. Having a conversation about your goals for the course and the material you are learning will motivate you to stay on track. This will also help you understand the material better!

Bridge the Distance

Studying online can be isolating at times. You can bridge the distance gap by interacting with your classmates and instructor in other ways. For example, some of our students have created private Facebook group pages and have kept in contact with each other even after their courses ended! This is especially great for students taking any of our writing courses, looking for an online space to workshop! You can also participate in online forums and get inspiration from one another by talking about ideas and offering study tips.

Take Breaks

Give yourself a breather every now and then so that you can be energized and focused when it comes time to do coursework. Make sure to schedule time for activities so that you can have something to look forward to in your schedule.

Reward Yourself

Don't forget to reward yourself every now and then to keep up the motivation! These rewards don't have to be expensive or huge, but just something for you to look forward to after accomplishing your personal goals!


Article by ed2go, our partner in online courses.

Published on 3/19/2020

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